But first let me introduce myself...

Who Am I?

Hi my name is Dave.

I was born a coal miners daughter...wait that’s not right.

I started my talking career a few months after being born and that never stopped. I loved music so I became a singer in a rock band while attending high school and loved the attention. I also did a little acting and creative writing.

After graduating, my aunt, who owned a motorcycle shop asked if I’d be interested in being a radio dj. Turns out a local station they were advertising with was looking for someone and I was like “Duh...yeah!” Little did I know I would have to put my dreams of being a turtle wrangler in the circus on hold for the next 20 years while I made my way through the jungles of radio.

I have worked as an on air personality, production and creative manager, program director, van washer, unofficial engineer and way, way, way, way more. I also sold and created tv ads for Fox television and Univision, si, yo habló español porque nací en España. If you didn’t understand that, I asked, “Why was I born beautiful instead of rich?”

My specialty is being creative and bringing out the best for your business. I not only do voice but visuals as well. You worked hard to give your business life and my job is to show it off to everyone so they can see your baby all shiny and sparkly. Hop over to my terms page and let’s have a baby...I mean work together...sorry, got my messages crossed.