Terms & Conditions


Before we get started, let’s have a convo – by email or phone – so I know what you want, your deadline, and all that good stuff. That way I’ll understand your needs and be able to provide you with a quote. I promise to give you fair pricing but don’t expect to pay me with a goat and a stick of gum.



Like most voiceover professionals, my rates are based on a combination of two elements- the amount of work involved and the type of job your looking for me to do . The first part is calculated by looking at the length of the script, whether we are recording “wild” or fitting to an existing video or guide track.

The second part - do you want me to host your Facebook live, narrate your meatloaf recipe video, do you want a simple voiceover or lyric video.


I’ll ask you to review the quote and agree in writing (usually by return email) and this will act as our contract. I won’t share anything you don’t want me to, I’m happy to sign an NDA if you need me to. Before the recording, you’ll need to give me the final, approval of your script. Most of my voiceover work is done on my own, in my home studio (though I’m always happy to discuss travel if needed – especially if you’re based somewhere warm and tropical).

You’ll need to give me some pointers on how you want the voiceover to sound – possibly by referencing some of my demos or a sample of another work, if you’re not used to giving direction. We can agree my recording a couple of paragraphs for your approval. If there are non-English words, acronyms, or technical language, point these out so your recording doesn’t get delayed.



I work from home (usually in the closet, not that there’s anything wrong with that) I’ll record and edit the voiceover track to my standard specifications:

* uncompressed audio

* peaks at -3dB

* breaths removed (as best suits the material)

* supplied as a 16-bit/48kHz WAV file, which I’ll usually send to you via Google Drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer

For the less technical, this means you’ll get clean, broadcast-quality audio that’s ready to use out of the box, batteries included.



Most of the time, that’s it! But sometimes I know there are things that won’t be quite right, so…

If I’ve made a mistake, I promise to fix it free of charge and in a timely manner. Hopefully the test read, and the discussion we had over beers and jack, will mean this doesn’t happen. But if it does, I’m good with it.

If you’ve made a mistake in the script, or if words need to be changed for whatever reason, I may charge a small fee to cover the time taken to make it right.